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Well, I don't know how to begin. It feels like all I want to put in this critique is "aww" one hundred times and submit it, but that wouldn't work out, would it?

Well, I love how the story is developing so far, especially now that Brian knows his secret, I assume their relationship will sail smoothly, I hope.

So now we're also introduced to her family, which from the looks of it, appears to be a rather close-knit family, which I assume is because of the small number of dragons left in the community, which makes it necesary for them to stick together.

So now everything worked out as planned, and I wonder what Chapter 8 will look like.

And they way Johnny said "St George is a rat" was pretty clever.

Though, I noticed you misspelled Brian's name several times, but since you're going through a lot I'll let is slip. I mean, you're having a rough time right now, yet you actually found time to complete the story. I'm impressed.
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Dragon-Star-Empress Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Thanks, I’ve always hated that the most well known stories about dragons are ones where they end up dead, so I couldn’t resist throwing the comment about George the rat in there.

Thank you for pointing out the miss spelling of Brian’s name, I can’t believe how many times I did that, I’ve fixed it now.

With being sick finding time to work on the story is the easy part and probably better for my health. I spent most of yesterday arguing with myself about whether I should be packing so I can go help my aunt or if I should have been resting so I might get over being sick faster. In the end I spent most of the day packing and once I started to feel run down I had to force myself to sit down and work on the story because it was the only thing that could get me to stop packing. Today I’m wishing I had stopped to work on the story sooner because I did more packing than I should have yesterday and feel sicker today, which is driving me crazy, I have to be healthy and be done packing before I can go help my aunt and I can’t accomplish both at the same time.
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