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Oh my god, I love this chapter a lot. It's pretty cute, and the chemistry between the both of them is pretty thick and incredibly obvious for the reader themselves.

And it seems that despite Brian's grandfather's disapproval, it seems that she's really in love with Brian, and again, her stubbornness and determination shows once again in this story.

And I like how Brian's developed so far, especially on how he's able to use magic in his dragon form, and how he provided her a hot bath and a change of clothes shows how nice he is towards her, and as a sign of love.

I think I like the last part of the story the best, especially when Brian points out that Rebecca might be crazy for treating him as if he's her own personal bed, and her little plan to drop the hint on him that she knew who he was, and instead of telling him outright (and making him look like a fool), and to make him admit it himself, and he actually gave himself away, as she had never mentioned that Brian is coming back the next day, but he mentioned it, which I'm sure she will use in the future. It's pretty smart of her.
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